A perfect business partner.

Parquetvinyl is ideally suited for commercial use. Whether it is an office, a restaurant or a shop, with Parquetvinyl you are safe. The wear class of our floors varies from 'commercial use' (class 32) to 'very intensive commercial use' (class 34).

Are you renting a building for a short period of time e.g. for a pop-up store? Parquetvinyl can be installed on most existing floors. This way you can quickly install a floor that fits your concept style with a limited budget.

Parquetvinyl also gives you all the advantages in terms of maintenance. If the weather outside is wet and grey, your floor could have a lot of trouble inside. Not with Parquetvinyl! You can easily clean it with water and soap! Ideal for commercial spaces where many dirty feet pass by.

Discover more about the maintenance of Parquetvinyl over here.