These people have already chosen for Parquetvinyl

So many different styles – and so many people who have chosen Parquetvinyl. Be inspired by their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, restaurants, shops, and more. Parquetvinyl is truly suitable for any space! Click on a project for additional photos or more information about the floor.

Yukon Mistral natural in a modern restaurant More images
Herringbone Parquetvinyl in bedroom with adjoining bathroom More images
Brand-new apartment with Victoria Silver in every room More images
Scandinavian-style interior with Sava Sand More images
Textile shop with Lugano Amaro More images
Restaurant with a rustic Colorado Splash More images
Eyewear store fitted with Lugano Muskat More images
Store with Caldera Seasalt More images
Lugano Muskat in a library More images
Fashion store with grey Yukon Sea Stone More images
Yukon Tan in a cosy bedroom More images
Contemporary living room with Ivalo Roasted Bean More images
Kitchen with Caldera Basalt More images
Office with Victoria Black floor More images
Yukon Tan in a Scandinavian-style living room More images
Photography studio with Lugano Amaro More images
Lugano Granica in a bedroom More images
Scandinavian-style interior with Sava Almond Herringbone More images
Contemporary kitchen with Yukon Beach More images
Tough kitchen with the Colorado Rapids More images
Yukon Desert Dune in a modern interior More images
Nursery with Lugano Angliano More images
Sava Suède creates tranquillity in your interior More images
Ivalo Oat in a bohemian living room More images
Ivalo Dark Malt in a nursery More images
Garonne Barista in a cosy living room More images
Garonne Latte in a specialist equestrian store More images
Living room with Lugano Granica More images