The home story of Lut & Luc

Lut and Luc live in a modern house in Mariakerke, a green suburb of Ghent. Luc's original parental house has been their family home for over 34 years. The house has already gone through several changes. The refurbishment of their multifunctional relaxation space is the icing on the cake. Light, earthy colours and a sense of tranquility reign supreme here. This is a space where the dynamic couple can catch a breath.

Ivalo Amaranth

Although Lut and Luc are retired, they lead very busy lives. Among other things, they look after their grandchildren, practise yoga, take Spanish lessons and sing in a choir. They also travel often and far. Every winter, they spend at least six weeks in Mexico, where their son lives with his family. Their other son lives in Japan, while their daughter lives just two houses away.

Because they want to have enough space when their children and grandchildren come over, the couple decided not to downsize, unlike many of their peers. Lut: “Added to that, we live within cycling distance of Ghent, we’re surrounded by nature, and we have a swimming pool and a sauna. That makes it the ideal place to grow old happily and hopefully healthy.”

Luc: “We want to stay here for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve completely freshened up our house one last time. No major renovations, just small changes that make a world of difference to us. For example, we’ve had the curtains replaced, we bought some new furniture and we installed Parquetvinyl in our relaxation space.”

This relaxation space has gone through many modifications. Originally it was a garage and office space, and later it was used as a showroom. Luc: “I was a sales rep for a German fashion collection for men and we received our customers at home. When my mother could no longer live independently, she came to live with us, and this space became her apartment. Last year, our daughter and her family stayed here while they were renovating their home.” Lut adds: “When the space became empty again after that, we were really looking forward to turning it into a nice, multifunctional area.”

Lut: “Now this part of the house is used as a yoga, office and reading space by us and as a playroom by our grandchildren. That’s why we wanted a maintenance-friendly floor, so we were delighted when we came across Parquetvinyl. What we really like about it is that we didn't need to make any concessions: the floor is easy to install and maintain, it’s affordable and it looks great. That last point is not unimportant to me as I like things to be aesthetically pleasing. My heart skips a beat when something makes visual sense.

Lut and Luc opted for the Ivalo Amaranth collection in their relaxation room. Lut: “I like the simplicity of this collection. It has a texture but no heavy wood structures or intense colour shades. The floor gives the room a warm, attractive and soft look.”

The couple got a professional to install their Parquetvinyl floor. They were pleasantly surprised that the floor was laid sooner than expected. Luc: “And we didn't need to change many of the fixtures and fittings either. We did replace the skirting boards, but due to the thinness of the planks there was no need to adjust our doors. And incidentally, we laid the planks directly on the existing floor.”

Lut: “We discovered Parquetvinyl at Intercarro in Sint-Martens-Latem. When they first showed us a sample of the collection, we thought it was real wood. And it’s not just us, because visitors often compliment us on our beautiful parquet floor. Just in case you missed it, we recommend Parquetvinyl to absolutely everyone!”

Thanks for the hospitality, Lut & Luc!

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